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Detox Foot Soak Drops

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Foot detox baths have been used by health gurus for 100's of years to remove toxins, impurities & heavy metals from the body. Our feet are actually the one area of our bodies where these toxins can be pulled quite easily from our systems.

Foot soaks are known to help increase circulation, assist with fungus, relieve aches & pains, increase white blood cell activity, therefore aiding in a healthy immune system, balance the body's pH, reduce swelling,  boost mood, relieve stress, aid weight loss, and improve heart health destroy harmful microorganisms.

MYLK Detox Drops are carefully formulated with organic therapeutic grade essential oils of cilantro, cedarwood & peppermint which are known to help assist with pulling impurities from our bodies.

Includes 10 drops in glass jar.