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White Sage Candle with Obsidian & Clear Quartz Crystals

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Bring comfort and joy to your life by bringing forth positive energy and intentions for 2023 with our crystal and white sage leave-infused candles. 100% Soy wax candle. Infused with dried California White Sage leaves. Real Obsidian and Clear Quartz Crystals that can be saved as keepsakes.

Burns for approximately 25 hours. Tranquil notes of aromatic neroli, white sage, white flowers, and patchouli create a peaceful escape. Small crystals along with a large clear quartz point and amethyst crystals add a comforting element of nature, making this candle a beautiful gift. The candle is topped with sustainably harvested California White Sage leaves to cleanse energy. Obsidian is naturally occurring volcanic glass said to have protective properties that block negative energy. Clear quartz is known as the master healer that brings balance.