Copper Fern Studio

Copper Fern Studio

Meet Hayley Holzer.  A mountain momma, Plumas County artist and owner of Copper Fern Studio

Hayley's designs draw inspiration from the beautiful mountains and nature that surrounds us in the Lost Sierras. Her trademark hammered copper earrings begin with sheets of copper in which she hand saws tiny designs that transpire into unique pieces of wearable art. Hayley is drawn towards bold fun earth tones and these are visible in the tiny seed beads and gemstones used within her jewelry line. Each of her pieces are made with love and resilience so they can go on that next adventure with you!

in a recent conversation, Hayley shared how she discovered her passion that has developed into her successful business:

"I was attending college in Ventura County to become an X-Ray technician when I had a sudden realization that it was not what I wanted to do. I decided to step away from school and take a moment to figure out what would make me truly happy. My bedroom at the time was a treehouse built within my grandpas small avocado orchard up on a hill that on a clear day you could have a tiny view of the ocean in the distance. Nine years ago I was sitting on the floor of that treehouse playfully working on a new jewelry technique. Unsure of what to do next, I packed up my life and headed back to Quincy for the summer.

My mom had always told me to never stop being creative, always keeping one foot in that door. After a few life detours I dove head first into my creative door. She was right. Following my lifelong passion for making has allowed me to build my own dream business." 

Stop by Wild Pines to see an ever changing selection of earrings and necklaces by Hayley. Customers love her variety of styles, making her work great for collecting. Keep in touch with Hayley on Instagram @copperfernstudio to stay up-to-date with her latest creations and her newest interest, metal smithing!

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