Our Story


Liz here, owner and curator of Wild Pines. The Lost Sierra has been an important part of my adult life and I happily made the full time move to Plumas County to open the shop in the spring of 2021.

Wild Pines is a retail shop full of intentionally chosen products and crafts. It is also a place to gather, connect, celebrate local artists and to find inspiration. As an artist myself, I am excited to host a space for makers to share their creations with the world and to earn fair wages while doing it.

We are always working hard to discover unique companies and makers whose goods will enhance your life. Our ever evolving inventory means that you can count on discovering something new every visit.

We value your choice to shop small and look forward to seeing you soon!

Graeagle, CA

Tucked under the last stretch of the Sierra Mountains - in a region known as the Lost Sierra, Graeagle is a pristine mountain village, welcoming all, with adorable red buildings and old town charm.

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