Artist Submissions

Want to see your products in Wild Pines? We love meeting new artists and seeing what creative people are making. Send us email to us with the following information for consideration in the shop.

Please give as much detail as you can, so we can get a good idea of your brand and products. Be sure to include pricing, as well as item and order minimums if applicable. If you have a linesheet/catalog with clear images, descriptions, and wholesale prices... fantastic! Upload that, and then just a brief overview of your brand/goods will do. If you don't have a linesheet/catalog yet that is fine, just be sure to upload some photos of your products or link to a website with good photos, and give us more details on your products and pricing.

Email submissions to with the subject "artist submission" in the header 

* Please note that we have a small footprint and although we would like to carry everyone, we must be selective towards the best products for our space and customers.