Sierra Roots Wellness

Sierra Roots Wellness

Meet Herbalist Mary McCallum and her handmade Herbal Medicines, Sierra Roots Wellness. 

Mary is a Clinical Herbalist who has deep roots in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, calling the Washoe Land of Russel Valley her home. She draws inspiration from the natural beauty and wisdom of the Sierras, which she considers both her birthplace and greatest teachers. 

Mary enjoys spending quality time with her partner and son, tending to honeybee hives, raising ducks, and caring for livestock guardian dogs. These activities reflect her strong connection to the environment and her commitment to sustainable living. 

Mary's journey into the world of herbal medicine is a testament to courage and inspiration. After facing a decade of personal health challenges, she was drawn back to nature as a source of healing. Through this reconnection with the earth and its natural remedies, Mary found her calling as an Herbalist. Her approach to clinical herbalism is rooted in integrity. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and teachings with her community and is committed to making herbal medicines accessible to all.  

"I choose to walk the plant path with integrity, to live in a reciprocal way iand to operate my business as such. I practice here in the Sierras as a clinical herbalist, where much of my work is dedicated to connecting with the land and making medicine for the people. I also enjoy teaching classes here locally in the greater area, and working with clients one on one for wellness consultations. I love working with clients and supporting people through working with plant medicines, nutrition and alternative ways of living."

Mary's work as a Clinical Herbalist embodies the beauty of the age-old tradition of herbal medicine and its capacity to heal. 

"Herbal medicine is timeless and can be used in all life stages of life. Making medicines and sharing them with your family or community is just one way you can feel the ripple effect of healing from past to present and onto the future generations. It's truly magic."

Mary's expertise in herbal medicine is evident in the diverse range of products she creates, including herbal teas, syrups, shrubs, culinary salts, vinegars, tinctures, and herbal body oils. She follows the seasons and leverages the gifts that the land provides during each seasonal shift, showcasing her deep respect for nature's rhythms. We are truly honored to be carrying Mary's plant medicines at the shop. Stop in to see her seasonal offerings and take some of her plant medicine home to those you love. 

Interested in learning more about Mary's offerings? Visit her website Sierra Roots Wellness 

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