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Calm Facial Mist

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Facial Mist/Toner/Aftershave

Calm is a mildly exfoliating and hydrating facial mist/toner that also makes an excellent aftershave.

Key Ingredients:

Witch hazel distillate (non-alcohol) is an astringent that works for all skin types.
Lavender hydrosol is balancing, antiseptic, cooling, relaxing, soothing, and uplifting. Hydrosols are produced from the distillation of essential oils from plants.
Aloe vera juice is soothing, especially for sun damaged skin.
Calendula extract is known to soothe & relieve irritated and sensitive skin.
Willow Bark extract provides gentle exfoliation for more radiant skin. It is a source of natural salicylic acid-like ingredients with none of the irritation associated with synthetic salicylic acid. As such, it is a safe way to get the benefits of a ß-hydroxy acid.

Panthenol is a vitamin B that helps repair damaged cells.
Hydrolyzed oats contain oligosaccharides & protein that moisturizes and softens skin.

Allantoin increases skins moisture absorption, relieves dryness, and actively works to protect skin.

Made with love in Truckee, CA.