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Enlightenment Scent-Ergy

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Rose Quartz crystal infused essential oil roller. Each oil is infused with healing powers of genuine crystals.

This blend of Neroli and Rose essential oils is combined with the loving powers of Rose Quartz crystals to circulate calm and peaceful energy throughout the entire aura.

Our organic skin soothing oils combined with aromatic therapeutic grade essential oils, create deep moisturizing, fragrant body elixirs suitable for all skin types. 

Our non- greasy, quick absorbing oils will leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

GEMSTONE Rose Quartz is a healing stone that opens the heart to receiving and giving more love: self love, platonic love, romantic love, and unconditional love. Stones have been cleansed and charged using a singing bowl tuned to note F, the vibrational frequency linked to the heart chakra.

AROMATHERAPY Neroli | Rose BASE OILS MCT Coconut Oil | Sweet Almond Oil