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Free Range Artist Hip Packs

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We are in love with these super creative artist-designed hip packs! Designed in Bend, Oregon.

These 2 liter hip packs are super versatile. Take them along with you on a bike ride, hike, or stroll around town and carry your belongings in style. 

The Canvas Series is a Free Range collaboration with artists who live to get lost in the mountains. A portion of each sale goes directly back to the artist who painted/illustrated/imagined your print. 


  • Single elastic divider pocket
  • Key clip
  • Neoprene back panel
  • Weight: 6 oz (170 g)
  • Volume: ~2 Liters
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 6" x 3.5"  or 24cm x 15cm x 9cm (width x height x depth)
  • Made of ~25% recycled materials.
  • Made in Vietnam
  • As always, most excellent!

Featured Artists:

"Hyalite Paintbrush" and "Canyon Paintbrush" by Rachel PohlArtist, adventurer, humanitarian, and environmentalist. I believe in fiercely pursuing a life outdoors, which is seen by some as perilous and improbably optimistic. I spend my time with friends and family, in wild places, and in the pursuit of creating artwork that will enhance our lives. I paint acrylic landscapes, giant mountain murals, and little watercolors when I'm in the backcountry. For me, painting is as essential as breathing air and eating food. 

"Lake Basin" by Christina McKeown: She is a homegrown artist from Bend,Oregon who loves to spend her time on the rivers and in the mountains. She's a jack of all trades and will happily fix anything with duct tape and elbow grease. She's only 100 pounds but don't let that fool ya. She has paddled professionally as a whitewater kayaker, enjoys kiteboarding and snowkiting in the front (and backcountry), and routinely disappears for multi-day rafting and backpacking trips with family. Of course, the paintbrushes come along on her adventures...

"Picket Range"by Nikki FrumkinNikki Frumkin is a Swiss-American alpinist and artist living in Seattle, Washington. Her art is inspired by time spent hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can often find her exploring in the mountains with her sketchbook and watercolors in hand. Sometimes she straps huge sheets of paper to the outside of her pack and other times she just sticks a pen and scrap of paper in her pocket.

"Ridge" by Joseph ToneyMy life is about creating, being outside and spending time with my dog. My work is about process. My time is spent melding this together in and out of the studio. I put in the work and the hours needed to get good results. Its the minute details that keep me going until a job is done. I paint. I Draw. I photograph. I recreate. I utilize my knowledge in all of these areas when approaching a project in order to achieve the best result.

"There You Are" by Laurenne RossLaurenne is a member of the US Ski Team, an Olympian, and highly esteemed ski racer. She has lived in Bend since her teenage years when she moved from Klamath Falls to pursue ski racing at a more intensive level through the alpine race program at Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation. Ross has maintained an impressive  record since 2010 in World Cup and FIS races and snagged an 11th place finish at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

"Emerald Bay"by Bryn MerrellHi, I'm Bryn! Im originally from Prescott, Arizona and now call Lake Tahoe my home and inspiration. In fact, I didn't pick up a paint brush till moving to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I am an entirely self-taught mountain artist of whimsical and playful illustrations. It is amazing to see what the power of art can do!

"Weave Me Into the Sea" by Annamieka:  Weave Me Into The Sea is a painting that expresses the experience of the wild Oregon coast, where the seafoam makes patterns of lace on the backs of the waves and the rain merges with the ocean to immerse in a watery world. Annamieka is a painter in Portland, Oregon, and fosters a deep love for the outdoors and beauty of the PNW.

"Promised Land" by Meg Smith: As a passionate outdoor explorer with professional training in design, my work combines an eye for style with a tangible feeling of being in wild places. I strive to convert the inspiration I receive from deep snow, flowing water, and the natural world surrounding me into every piece.

"Moonlight's Delight" by Angie Pickman:  Angie Pickman is a hand-cut paper artist who combines the art of traditional paper cutting with collage. Heavily inspired by her love of nature and exploration, Angie's cut paper collages reflect her need to simplify while at the same time appreciating the beauty of even the most minute aspects found in nature.

 "Mystic River" by Sarah Uhl: Sarah Uhl is a self-taught artist from Redstone, Colorado. She uses art as a tool to convey environmental and humanitarian messages. Her most recent focus is the intersection between creativity and nature.\

 "Longs Peak" by Gretchen Leggit: Northwest artist Gretchen Leggitt's murals, fine art and products depict her unique perspectives of the natural world, encapsulating the energetic movement of the elements and the nuanced geometry of topography.