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Lucid Dreaming Handcrafted Tea Blend

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Lucid Dreaming Herbal Tea Blend

✦Ingredients✦ 🍃 Mugwort 🍃 Raspberry Leaves 🍃 Peppermint Leaves Mugwort is and has been used for several things: ⚡To enhance Lucid Dreaming and dream recall. ⚡To stimulates menstruation & have a regular menstrual cycle. ⚡To sooth stomach upsets. ⚡To calm people down (It relaxes the nervous system) ⚡To treat gastric/Skin disorders

✦  The content in the bag will make approximately 20-25 cups of Tea.

<<->> NOTE: Don’t take if pregnant! If you’re pregnant, or think you’re pregnant, DO NOT USE MUGWORT. It stimulates menstruation, and it’s been said to induce a period in women.