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Rainbow Mushrooms Prayer Flags: Tea-dyed

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A rainbow of mushrooms for your apothecary, over your window, door, or wherever your mushroom-lovin' heart desires. Each flag features a very special mushroom illustration with its common name below.

Featured Mushrooms:   Amanita Muscaria, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chanterelle, Lion's Mane, Morel, Turkey Tail, Blue Oyster, Purple Blewit, Pink Bonnet Made by hand + botanical illustrations by Lorrin Webb. Printed on 100% cotton with eco-friendly inks, then sewn onto durable cotton string. Measures: Each individual herb flag measures 4" x 5" Overall length of flags is 4 feet wide. There's an extra foot of cotton string on either side for tie out = max length 6 feet.