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Spicy Seaweed Salt

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Let the flavors of the land and sea compliment your dishes with a nutrient packed mineral punch and a sumac lemony zest! Delicious sprinkled atop ramen, steak, eggs, veggies and sushi! 

Ingredients: Ingredients: stinging nettle seeds & leaf(Urtica dioica), sumac powder, wild Sonoma coast harvested nori & sea palm, kelp flakes, chili flakes, cayenne pepper powder,  brown & white sesame seeds, touch of Redmond's real salt.

Suggested use: Enjoy this seasoning  in replacement of regular salt! Nettles are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like chlorophyll & B vitamins while seaweed is a powerhouse of nutrients like selenium and iodine, all blended together with farm grown herbs and spices-this one is going to be a hit at your next meal. Try adding this as a finishing seasoning to your favorite dishes. Experience the magic!

-All ingredients are organically sourced or sustainability and lovingly wild crafted by Sierra Roots Wellness